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Worrincy Suspended

28th March 2014, 13:49

Worrincy Suspended

RFL suspends Worrincy for 6 months

Halifax RLFC regret having to report to Supporters that long serving player, Rob Worrincy, has been suspended for 6 months by an Independent Tribunal, after admitting  breaches of the RFL’s strict rules on betting.

The Club wholeheartedly supports the RFL in protecting the integrity of the game by preventing players, and others connected with the game, gambling on domestic Rugby League. We are disappointed that a Halifax player has been found in breach of those rules.

On a personal level we feel considerable sympathy for Rob Worrincy, whose bets were recreational and involved very small stakes, and who now suffers significant personal loss.

We look forward to welcoming Rob back to the Club, as soon as his suspension ends.