Trialist Ed Barber makes the squad

15th May 2015, 13:00

Trialist Ed Barber makes the squad

Trialist, Ed Barber is in the squad for Sundays game V Whitehaven RLFC.

Trialist, Ed Barber will appear on the Shay Stadium pitch for Sunday's game V Whitehaven RLFC.

Ed has a wide range of experience in Rugby; League and Union. He has just finished a winter playing Union for Huddersfield YMCA, and is excited to get back in to Rugby League.

"Ed's been with us over the past four weeks. He's shown up in training very well. Ed can cover a number of positions for us and has ball-playing ability and size. As we look over the forthcoming fixtures, we need to scrutinise some of the other squad members. Hopefully they can add value and enhance our group.Ed played under Marlon Billy at Swinton Lions last year, so we know his calibre."

"I'm just really greatful for the opportunity really. I played under Marlon at Swinton in 2014 and I'm happy he's given me the chance to prove myself."

Barber also did a 12 month stint on a working visa in Australia, playing for Newcastle Western Suburbs 2011-2012. Before that, he's played in a range of teams, beginning with Luke Ambler and Jacob Fairbank, in his age group at Elland aRLFC.

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