Club Statement: Board Addition

10th October 2017, 12:31

Club Statement: Board Addition

Paul Haggerty 

Paul Haggerty works in Specialised National/International Business Development for Marshalls and joins the club as a Commercial Director. 

"In the appointment of becoming a Director of Halifax RLFC, I have to say other than the birth of my children, has to be the proudest moment of my life. It is an honour and a privilege to be in this position and after supporting this great club for over 40yrs I look forward to assisting Mark Moore, Peter McNamara and the recently appointed Simon Oxby in aspiring to progress the club forward to where they rightly belong, in the top echelon of Super League."

"Having grown up Ovenden & Nursery Lane, I am a true Halifax Lad who went along to Thrum Hall as a kid with my dad watching the likes of Birts, Cholmondley, Blacker, Wood & Langton to name a few, playing pool with them down at the Queens Road pub after the game! Accompanying my dad who was Chairman of the Rugby Supporters Federation meant I was around the rugby environment from a very young age and my passion for the club began then progressing to the dizzy heights of the 1987 Challenge Cup Final win which was so special, where we all dream one day, that it may be replicated." 

"I have over 30 years of business acumen where business strategy and operational direction are always key and instrumental to success. In addition, my current Specialised National/International Business Development Role with Marshalls that I have been working on for nearly 8 years now, will I hope be an addition to the expertise already in place. It is more so with extreme passion as a fan that I look forward to putting something back into the club, as I only want what is ultimately for the good of Halifax RLFC. This ideal is also something that Mark, Peter, and Simon all agree and we are here to grow support, increase funding/income which can be directed towards playing staff, have sound footing and ultimately get us into the Middle 8’s again next year."

"We have all witnessed the grit, stubborn determination,  but also again that word ‘passion’ shown by all those guys who played for the club in 2017 by not only taking that initial pay cut, but actually gaining their deserved place within the Middle ‘8’s where let’s be honest, nobody gave them a prayer! This is what we will need again in 2018 as given the probable clubs present in the league; it is going to be a difficult task so I hope all the fans can get behind us, as the ambition we have, is exactly that of the loyal spectators out there. Finishing twice over three years in the ‘8’s displays what can result with hard work and determination, a trait that all people will respect and gladly buy in to and applaud, this is what we hope you will see."

"I must also take this opportunity to thank Mark and Peter as the honesty and enthusiasm that was evident when welcoming me to the Board of Directors enables me to look forward to the times ahead."