Statement: Richard Marshall on Fax Reserves

12th October 2017, 09:43

Statement: Richard Marshall on Fax Reserves

A message on the Reserves from Head Coach Richard Marshall:

At Halifax RLFC, we believe strongly in the development of the game and most importantly Halifax RLFC.

With this in mind, our board and sponsors have agreed to fund and run the reserves once more. Last year, we were the only championship side to run a reserve team and below Super League only ourselves and Keighley continue to champion the system. 

The competition next year I am hearing will be stronger and more organised and the year after, we believe a full competition will be in place. If we run our reserves again, it will be the 4th year we will have committed to the system and it will put us in a strong position for if/when the format of the league changes.

Moreover, the real reason we run the team is to develop players for Halifax and the future of the club. Our investment has already paid off with the likes of Brandon Moore, Elliot Morris, and James Woodburn-Hall making impacts in the first team. This season, you can look no further than Chester Butler, Will Calcott, and Conor McGrath as examples of progress. 

Unfortunately, we can't keep everyone and popular members like Luke Nelmes and Martyn Reilly have moved on. This, in turn, strengthens the competition as a whole and gives young men the chance to play first-team rugby and progress their careers. 

Martin Gonzales and Steve Greenwood put in massive amounts of work and effort into developing the squad.  Along with supporters from the Reserve Vice Presidents and Squadbuilder, we have a real pathway for young players in the Calderdale catchment area. 

Again we will be looking to fund the team through sponsorship, donations, and fundraisers which the trust organise and run. Anyone who would like to help further, as Stuart Fletcher did last year by donating to the cause, please get in touch with Mark Moore at the club.

We have a great club throughout the grades from our partnership with Calderdale College and our tier 3 academy system through to the reserves and up to first grade. A genuine pathway to succeed exists and I am proud to lead the team. With your support, next year we can keep our vision of one day being back in Super League with a team made up of homegrown talent.