Squadbuilder Initiative

12th April 2019, 14:07

Squadbuilder Initiative

Squadbuilder Initiative

You will have no doubt seen or heard about the launch this week of Fax 1’s Supporters Club’s further efforts to increase its membership and funding capabilities with the Squadbuilder initiative.

The Club has to become smarter regarding how it raises revenue and controls its costs, as we see on the imminent horizon a decrease in RFL funding due to the implementation of R.O.I. pillars and central funding restructure. This, coupled with the risk of less SKY monies in 2021, means we as a BoD have to explore all avenues of funding to compensate.

Talks with Fax 1 have seen them embrace this challenge and this week step up efforts to increase their Squadbuilder membership which is essentially a funding pot, ring fenced, to recruit 1st team players for the club. Not only in the short term but also in the longer term future as these income changes take traction.

Talks with myself, Jamie, Tony and Steven Bonfield, who is the Solicitor overseeing the financial governance, have materialised into a massive £8k raised within 72 hours-which is absolutely phenomenal. Individuals and businesses alike have gone above and beyond and the BoD and Fax 1 Supporters Club are truly grateful for your support.

The reality is that we have to work smarter and closer together to enable our great Club to not only survive but to prosper both on and off the field. The time for action is now not 2021 when it will be too late.

If anybody wants any further information on how to become a member or make a one off donation then please contact Tony Riley 07970 064881 or Tony Lee 07983 548997.

If anybody has any other fundraising ideas please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the BoD to discuss further.

Thank you.

Dave Grayson

Operations Director.