Women Show Grit and Progress

14th August 2019, 16:21

Women Show Grit and Progress

"Although we did not get the win, we’ve definitely achieved much more."


"I never really say much about our games but today I feel it right to do so:

We as a team of ladies played an extremely tough game this weekend and although we did not get the win, we’ve definitely achieved much more.

The first half was even with some astounding defence and attack. We showed we can compete with the top teams and more. Our defence was superb but we know what we need to work on in offence.

The second half was tough and we still showed grit in defence. If we could have had a win just for defending we would win the league I’m sure. We are setting platforms for each other and that can only be positive.

When the team was established I’m not sure anyone thought we would be a force but with hard work and determination, progress as a team is moving in the right direction. I am one proud coach and can honestly say this with complete confidence, we will have made the most progress this year in our league and as a team we are becoming a formidable squad and please take more positives from your own performances this weekend rather than look at why we did not get the 3 points.

Well done from one extremely proud coach"


Martina Greenwood 

Halifax RLFC Women Head Coach