From The Boardroom: Update

23rd October 2019, 21:33

From The Boardroom: Update

What a week!

Ongoing work to try improve the squad. Ongoing work to try improve the Club’s cashflow. Ongoing work to strengthen the Club’s management and volunteer infrastructure. Major (and difficult) decision and announcement over the Club no longer running the Reserves for next season in the new SL Reserve set up. Ongoing work to try improve the Club’s website. Ongoing work to try
arrange pre-season friendlies. Start of pre-season training with our new squad.

What this work has done is brought to the front of my mind the word ‘reality’.

As you all know our Club has no major financial backer and with that it emphasises the reality there is no ‘money tree’ at the Club. The Club has to and will be run as a Rugby Club but also a Business. A unique combination that brings about many challenges. The reality is we are and have been for too many years now a Championship Club. We are working hard on building a solid foundation, bottom up, at the Club, in readiness to attempt to get back into SL. That won’t be easy and will take time.

The Club has to ensure financial stability both short term and in the longer term and realistic projections based on less RFL Distribution now and in the future mean we have to cut our costs and
increase our revenue streams accordingly to meet that challenge now. That is the reality of the situation. Just look at what has been happening with our near neighbours Bradford Bulls and you can
see what happens if this course of action is not taken. I appreciate some people want us have instant success. Some of the calls we have, and no doubt will make in the future will be unpopular at times –especially in this world of instant success culture etc.

However, we as a BoD will always make these calls in the best interests of the Club and its future success and longevity. As part of the strengthening of the management infrastructure and volunteer base I am very pleased to announce two new additions to the team:

Lisa Brewster, who has a wealth of knowledge on HR and Health & Safety matters, will be acting as an advisor in those areas to the Club.

Likewise James Marsden, who has a wealth of knowledge in Systems Mapping and Quality Management, will also act as an advisor to the Club in those areas.
Welcome on board to you both.

Work is well under way now within the other groups formed recently and it is refreshing to see such enthusiasm and genuine care for the fortunes of the Club by these people. Thank you.

Finally, a special mention to David Durbin and the Supporters Trust who, whilst clearly disappointed about the Reserves decision, have shown a real understanding and level of maturity. They are
already working with the Club to plan the next project to improve and contribute to the Club’s success.

Now more than ever we all need to move forward together.

Dave Grayson.

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