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Calderdale Cares

Our Calderdale Cares lottery works from our Official lottery fund, which has one of the biggest prize pots in the area, with daily draws of £100, weekly rollovers of up to £2000 and a £5000 jackpot every year! Not to mention another £125 and 5 local restaurant vouchers per week..

What’s the difference you ask? As well as helping the Club on and off the field, we also make donations (se below) out of the funds, to local good causes and charities.

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Grant stories


Thanks to Calderdale Cares, the Halifax RLFC Community Lottery, Shibden Self-help group can continue supporting vulnerable people a little easier this winter.

The Self-Help Group (based at Heatherwood Farm) does some amazing work assisting people living with stress and depression. They meet every other Tuesday to provide a comfortable empathetic environment, to help reduce feelings of isolation, self-blame, guilt and fear. For more information contact Heatherwood Farm on 07887853154.

“It’s a great feeling to know you’re a part of helping such nice organisations” said lottery manager Richard Watmough. “All our members are helping to give something back and support local people, this time they’ve helped people going through hard times. The Self Help group does some great work, they’re certainly a worthy cause!”

shibden selfhelp




Another grant found it’s way to a worthy cause recently, thanks to Calderdale Cares Lottery. The Halifax Friendship Group gathered on the Shay Stadium pitch on Sunday 18th September, to collect their £500 cheque, helping them to continue supporting vulnerable people.

Convening at Halifax Central Library every other Monday, The Friendship Group provides a welcoming, open environment, where people struggling with loneliness can enjoy tea, cakes, and peer group support. Group members also enjoy socialising through regular leisurely day trips and visits to the theatre.

Lottery Manager Richard Watmough commented, “We’re delighted to make a contribution to such a worthy organisation and wish them every success. They’re making a great difference to peoples’ lives.”

To find out more, please feel welcome to call Audrey on 01422 345753




A donation of £500 was made by our fund to help combat fuel poverty around Calderdale and was matched by CFFC to build this up to £1,000.

Calderdale Cares Lottery are pleased to announce their support for the Halifax Courier and Community Foundation For Calderdales’ #Make It Stop campaign, which is raising awareness and offering solutions to tackle loneliness in older people. The campaign will also help local older people to keep warm this winter in affording escalating fuel bills, insulating homes and providing blankets.

Lottery sales manager Richard Watmough said,

“When we heard about the appeal we immediately wanted to help. We have donated £500 which the Community Foundation For Calderdale have matched pound for pound making the total donation £1,000.”

Steve Duncan, CEO of CFFC said,

“We are really grateful to Calderdale Cares for their donation. If you would like to help us tackle loneliness and social depravation amongst older people in Calderdale please donate via localgiving.com/CFFC where all donations will be matched by us.”




Calderdale Cares Lottery are pleased to announce its latest donation, which is to The Friends of Bradshaw Primary School.

The School heard about our scheme through a lottery member and applied for a donation to fund the buying of hi-viz vests to make the children more visible when out on school trips.

A spokesperson for the group said, ”The Friends of Bradshaw Primary School committee would like to say a big thank you; on behalf of all the Staff and children at the school to Calderdale Cares Lottery for the generous donation. The day glow vests will certainly help keep the children safe when they go on their many explorations outside of the school.”

Richard Watmough of Calderdale Cares Said, ” We are really happy to help the group out. Children’s safety is vitally important these days with all the traffic on the roads,  we really hope our contribution helps.”




The mobility Scheme, established in 1977 to address difficulties faced by disabled people in obtaining suitable personal transport, recently received £1,000 from the Calderdale Cares Lottery fund. The fund, powered by Halifax RLFC, donated the amount to provide mechanical boost hoists for disabled people in Calderdale. 

Today, over 630,000 disabled people across the UK use the Mobility Scheme to access suitable personal transport.

Visiting family, attending essential medical appointments and things as simple as going shopping are things some people with disabilities can easily do now, which they couldn’t have done before. 

The boost hoists Calderdale Cares have helped to provide will enable people in Halifax to lift heavy wheelchairs and motorised scooters safely in to vehicles, without risk of injury or muscle damage. We hope this helps to improve their independence and quality of life. 




The Halifax Junior Cricket League, are the latest recipient of a donation from the Calderdale Cares Lottery Fund.

A £200 cheque was presented at their recent under 11s’ fixture against Bradford. The kids there were delighted.

Team manager Andrew Pinfield said:

“As a league we aim to provide the children of Calderdale with safe, high quality coaching and equipment, and to get them involved in a healthy lifestyle, so any donation of any kind is more than welcome. I would like to thank Calderdale Cares Lottery, on behalf of the kids who will benefit from their generosity.”

Lottery manager Mick Scott said on the subject:

“We are very pleased to donate to the Halifax Junior Cricket League. You never know, there might be a future Yorkshire and England star in the making.”

Calderdale Cares would like to thank all its’ members for taking part in our weekly lottery. Without your contributions we wouldn’t be able to support good causes like this, so thank you again and good luck in our lottery.





White Windows, the Leonard Cheshire Disability Home in Sowerby Bridge are the latest recipients of a donation from Calderdale Cares Lottery.

Carole Davies, service manager at White Windows said, “We are really grateful for the £150 donation. Leonard Cheshire Disability is the UK’s leading charity supporting disabled people. Every year we support thousands of people with physical and learning disabilities to fulfill their potential and live their lives as they choose, so any help along the way is welcome.

Richard Watmough from Calderdale Cares says. “White Windows are a fantastic organization and it is our pleasure to help them out with a grant. The only thing I would have liked to have done differently with them is to have made it a bigger donation, but as we have only just started with our lottery the funds are not there at the moment.

As our membership grows and more people start to play Calderdale Cares Lottery we will have more money in the pot to distribute to worthy good causes like them.”





Calderdale Cares are pleased to announce a donation of £900 to the residents of Goodwin House sheltered accommodation scheme.

The donation will go towards a couple of outings for the residents, the first to Scarborough next week and then later in the year to Blackpool.

Eileen Robinson was thrilled with the donation and says, “This is a real shot in the arm for our residents. We do various fundraising schemes ourselves such as coffee mornings and jumble sales but we could never raise this much money.

Now we have booked the day trips, all the resident are really looking forward to it. All we need now is for some good weather.

Richard Watmough from Calderdale Cares says. “Its great that we have been able to help out the Goodwin House residents, but this has only been achieved by the funds raised by the people who are members of the Calderdale Cares Lottery. We want to help as many people as we can so the more members we have, the more we can donate to local good causes.”