Halifax RLFC

The playing dynamic of Halifax RLFC has changed over the past season, and we’re spending the off season knuckling down, developing and growing in size, and aiming to raise the bar off the pitch, too. You’ve met our Players and Coaches, now meet the rest of the Club.

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The Board of Directors

Simon Oxby

Simon is born and bred in Halifax and has followed the team since the early 1980’s. He is proud to be a Director of the Club and wants to assist the BOD in all aspects of running the Club, whether it be on the Operational side, Commercial side or helping raise awareness of the Club in the local Community. He lives locally and has three children. Through his full-time role at Berry’s Jewellers, he has helped the Club with various sponsorship and raffle prizes.

Paul Haggerty

Paul is a born & bred Halifax man who has supported the club for over 40years now. Originally playing football in his younger years with Middlesbrough FC and a spell at Man City, however, his true passion is for Halifax RLFC. Honoured to be on the Board of Directors firstly as a fan and secondly as the Commercial Director to progress this great club forward with solid commercial foundations including budgets, sponsors along with sponsorship packages, club awareness, player and club interaction with the fans and all-around operational strategy being forefront of the whole team here at Halifax. Works locally at Marshall’s as an International/National Business Development manager for nearly 8 Years now.

Christian Lister

Christian has a lot to bring to the Club, with 20 years experience as co-founder of Xpress Legal Services Group. When he joined the club, Christian said “I am delighted to join the team at Halifax RLFC. Rugby is a true love of mine, but my passion is building successful robust companies". Something that goes hand in hand with his 9-year stint as a director general and Chairman of international trade organizations; providing business and membership services across Europe, Asia, and North America.  Christian continued, "It is a special privilege to work alongside Simon Oxby, Paul Haggerty, the club staff and players on this new and exciting adventure. We belong in the Super League. We are rugby. One for all and all for Fax.”


Advisor to the BOD: Peter McNamara: Ever devoted, although Pete previously stepped down from the board of directors, he advises and lends a hand wherever he can!

Company Secretary: Steven Bonfield: After loyal sponsorship of the Club and business events with Chadwick Lawrence, Steve came on board to lend a legal hand too.

The Office

Sarah Morgan – General Manager

Sarah has been at the Club for 20 years, and first watched Halifax at the age of just 3 days old! She deals mainly with football matters, as well as a variety of operational and events duties and thrives on a range of tasks. Sarah is also trained as a stockbroker & qualified management accountant.

Jenna Helliwell – Operations Manager

Jenna’s time at the Club has seen her develop from Reception duties, right up to her current role, 16 years later, dealing with all the Club’s accounts and databases. Jenna loves the family feel at Halifax RLFC and is always rooting for the team. She also worked at FC Halifax Town for 5 years.

Jacob Thewliss - Marketing and Media 

Jacob is the newest addition the office controlling social media, the clubs website, and thinking and planning marketing strategies for the club. 

Chris Mitchell – CCCT

Chris is the Project Manager for Calderdale Community Coaching Trust; driving the progress of all their schemes. Chris oversees every grant and project, always looking for innovative new ways to engage the Community. Chris also works for the Club on matchdays and has been a loyal fan for decades.

The Lottery

Mick Scott – Lottery Manager

Mick began at the Club over 40 years ago, as a player, signed from Siddal. The years that followed saw him raise the Challenge Cup trophy in 1987, play his way to 303 appearances and in to the Hall Of Fame. He’s even taken up numerous roles on the coaching staff over the years. Mick is widely regarded a real Halifax legend and has also supported the Club by building up the Cashfax lottery for 25 years.

Richard Watmough - Lottery Sales

Richard works to recruit members for our various lotteries. He’s worked on the lottery for 12 years now, and recently started up the Club’s Calderdale Cares Lottery. Most people will recognise his friendly face from the half time ‘Golden Gamble’ which he runs, along with other matchday responsibilities. Richard is always happy with his work and encourages anybody to approach him if they’re interested in signing up!


We would like to thank all of our wonderful volunteers, for everything they've done throughout 2018 to make the Club run at it's best. 


If you'd like to volunteer for 2019, we'd love to hear from you! Whether it's an hour on a certain day, a few days per week, or even ad hoc from home. Email marketing@halifaxrlfc.co.uk if you're interested, and let us know what your skills are (whatever they may be) so we can help you fit in nicely!