A message from our Chair - David Durbin

Firstly on behalf of your Supporters Trust Board, I would like to thank you all for your support over this last year. Your generosity has been exceptional and without it, you can be assured the Club would not have been able to run a Reserve Squad.

Your memberships, attending our events, entering the meal deal, joining Steve’s fantasy league, traveling on Neil’s fun bus and giving to our match day bucket collections have all played a vital part.

The true benefit of having a Reserve Squad has again been shown over this last year with our players playing in the first team and representing countries such as England students, Wales, Italy Germany and Jamaica. If you are in any doubt of the value of the Reserves this season’s first team squad has twelve players who have come through our system.

We hope we can continue to call on your support for this year as all memberships run from January until December. We are working on adding additional benefits to your membership and a new way of supporting the Reserves for next year. All will be revealed shortly!

The future’s bright it’s Blue and White -and Orange!

A Message from the Treasurer - Maureen Booth

The Trust was proud to continue its sponsorship of the Reserve Squad and would like to thank all our fans for their support and generosity. We thank all who have sponsored the Team, and also 3 of the home games. We were also able to sell shirts from previous seasons, (raiding Hilda’s cupboard!) plus auctioning a shirt signed by the 1987 Cup Winning Team, all raising a substantial amount. We have been able to increase our number of Raffles this year and we thank the Club for allowing us to do this.

Once again we are indebted to Peter McNamara for his on-going support of our Quiz Nights and the Fun Day at the Ivy House, and likewise to Neil Arber for his continuing contributions from his Away Coach Travel and Club 1873. Neil has also paid for a part of the away travel for the Reserves directly from this income. Thanks also to Stephen Thomas for continuing his Fantasy RL, all who helped on the Market Stall, and Donations given by supporters. Others to thank include Hilda’s Every Penny Counts and Sue’s Meal Deal.

Not to be forgotten are our loyal fans, who regularly chip into our Blue Buckets on match days and contribute in many other ways, including monthly Membership payments of varying amounts.

We’re supporting our Reserves in 2019 – we wish them and the first team good luck and every success in the coming season.

Reserves Squad Number Sponsors




David Durbin

07790 852196


Sue Patrick

07880 734062


Linda Kitson

01422 832562


Maureen Booth